Community Campus

Community Campus Program

The University of Arizona Community Campus supports credit-bearing programs like high school dual enrollment, community outreach, bridge programs and other unique offerings with strategic benefit to the institution.

Improving Access to Education

The University of Arizona is committed to encouraging access to high-quality courses, certificates and degree programs through delivery methods that serve diverse student populations.

As a result, we understand that particular programs may target audiences unable to pay current base tuition or out-of-state tuition rates. We also recognize that it may be in the best interest of the institution to charge a rate that is below base tuition or out-of-state rates, as some students may be enrolled in programs that only include course- or program-specific deliverables, leading to enrollment in full programs at the base tuition or out-of-state rates.

Steps to Initiate Your Program

Please complete the following steps in order to initiate your request for a Community Campus program with a price down approval.

To launch a program with a Fall start, please submit your request by January of the same year. This will allow time for institutional approval of the price down, creation of the systematic program for billing and enrollment purposes, development of the billing rules, and addition of the program to the non-degree seeking application. It will also give the department time to create and schedule the class and market to the appropriate audience.

  1. Complete the Community Campus Budget Projection Form. Typically the provost is looking for evidence from this form that indicates the program is funded to break even or produce revenue. Community Campus Budget Projection Form (Excel File)
  2. Complete the Tuition Price Down Form. Signing this form again acknowledges understanding of the responsibilities of each unit with regard to the academic program delivery. Tuition Price Down Form (PDF file)
  3. Write a Supporting Narrative. Include a one-page description of the program’s purpose and benefits, as well as a rationale for the price reduction. This should cover your grant, foundation or other funding and your ability to cover the costs.
  4. Submit. Send all of your completed forms to Sarah Wieland to begin the Community Campus program and price down approval process. Sarah Wieland

Community Campus Fact Sheet

Learn more about the process of onboarding your program, including approval, admissions, course setup, billing, financial aid and more.



Download Fact Sheet

Program Name

Price per Unit

Advanced High School Math Scholars


Arabic High School


American Sign Language High School


Engineering 102


German Studies High School


Honors Colloquium Exp. High School


Jump Start High School


KEYS High School


Molecular & Cellular Biology High School


MCB Microplan for Teachers


Middle East & North African Studies High School


Philosophy High School


High School Educator PPEL Curriculum


Science Educators Series


Community Science Scholars


Student Journey Apprenticeship

Steps2STEM High School


CESL University Track