Arizona Online, Distance, and Continuing Education (ODCE) student populations are comprised of amazing Wildcats. Our students are post traditional, meaning they are frequently balancing life, work and their education. As our students navigate their educational journeys, some are finding financial costs are harder to manage. 

ODCE students are ineligible for institutional financial aid resources which makes it harder for some students to fully engage in the Wildcat experience.

One way you can help our students is by making a financial gift. When you give, you are helping develop funds for various scholarships available to our students. Your gift will provide aid in an immediate fashion to students who do not have the means to furnish parts of their education.

Learn more about our scholarship opportunities:

Female student looking at at textbook while typing

Textbook Scholarship

Designated to assist students with the variable cost of course and textbook requirements. Unlike tuition, textbooks are hard to budget for from semester to semester as textbook costs vary from course to course.


Student looking at laptop and notes

Micro Scholarship

 Sometimes referred to as a “small grant,” this scholarship is focused on fostering persistence and degree completion for students who have exhausted their available Financial Aid options and are close to graduating with their University of Arizona degree.


group collaborating with laptop open on the table

Student Engagement Scholarship

The focus of this scholarship fund is to foster student Research, Internship, and Experiential Learning opportunities that are more often afforded to students in a traditional campus and/or in-person setting.